WGN Sports
– Rebrand



WGNSPORTS got an entire re-brand for 2018, with a new Logo, In-game Graphics, and Promotional Graphics. The logo was given a fresh type-face to give it a speedy look while still focusing on our main WGN brand. The In-game graphics were re-invented by using the hexagon shape that encompasses the pride and joy of all people in Illinois – the Chicago Star. The On-screen graphics were simplified and re-invented to maximize current HD screen specifications to give viewers a more pure way of enjoying our sports, by being as unobtrusive as possible, while giving all information in a clean and contemporary fashion. A fresh new color palette was given to reflect the colors of the Chicago flag as well as the team colors of our major sports. The Promotional Graphics were also customized with team colors to make them stand out from each other while keeping the WGNSPORTS feel. With the new design of WGNSPORTS, the visual experience will be guaranteed to stand out from the crowd while paying homage to it’s roots in Chicago Iconography.

Creative Direction/Motion Design: Bernard Ong, Kristie Stone